At normal organizations, this page would be called “Jobs” or “Openings” or something like that.  As you know, however, we’re not a “normal” organization. We view our relationships with our stakeholders–internally, externally, and globally–as partnerships.


A core premise behind CleanApp’s partnership model is that we will all rise together or else we will all fall together. Everyone within CleanApp, and external constituents interacting with CleanApp, must see that everyone is better off when CleanApp succeeds. Everyone must also see that for CleanApp, failure is not an option.

Having full spectrum trash/hazard report-response functionality built in to all of our mobile operating systems allows all of us to report waste and hazards we see along the way.  Without CleanApp, we drown in trash, like a nightmare from Hoarders.

Because our mission is so unconventional, our partnerships with our crew are also unconventional.

CleanApp Marketspace

Everyone in the CleanApp crew understands that as a standard-setting nonprofit, we occupy a unique space at the intersection of the BigTech/CivicTech/CleanTech/DLT nexus. We are “litterally” creating trillion dollar markets out of waste and predicted user behaviors.

Therefore, everyone understands that when we succeed implementing our vision of full-spectrum global CleanApp data markets, we will all benefit in extraordinary material ways. However, in light of the rapidly changing DLT market and the current regulatory climate globally, there is no way to predict when we can expect full-spectrum CleanApp integration.

Commitment to this mission is not for the faint of heart or for individuals looking for a “normal” job.

CleanApp Partnership Network

At CleanApp, we believe that the best way to motivate people to give their best effort towards our joint mission is to permit everyone who wants to work with CleanApp to define the terms and scope of their own position (within our reasonable resource boundaries, of course).

Because of our network’s expertise in international and contract law (from a U.S. and comparative perspective), we are able to work with a global network of contributors on radically different sets of incentive structures than a typical corporation.  In fact, this operational flexibility is one of our chief competitive advantages; it’s what allows us to learn global best practices and lead global adoption curves, instead of just following the regular playbook.

We are remote workspace friendly–which is one of the reasons we design our partnership relationships very carefully on a case-by-case basis.

If you think you’re ready to partner with CleanApp, below are our need areas.  Please keep in mind that we also have a very open organizational mind.  If you see an area where we need to improve, and you want to partner with us to lead that improvement, then you’re a CleanApper at heart and we want to honor and reward your contributions.

Partnership Need Areas

Partnership Form