IBT Exam

Dear IBT Students,

The Westlaw TWEN submission plan isn’t working at the moment due to Westlaw not being able to send me a necessary registration key for lawschool.westlaw.com.  I’m creating this submission portal as a backup.

It’s a contact form that allows you to upload the exam responses in .pdf with no identifying information. The contract form below is a WordPress plugin titled Contact Form 7, and it does not track submitter information.  The submissions will go to an email address that is shared with an assistant.  When the time for all exam responses to be submitted has passed, or a day or so later, I will ask my assistant to randomize print the responses and shuffle them again.  Only then will I proceed to grading.

As you can see below, the only field that you’re required to fill out is Name (aside from the attachment).  Name must be your exam number in this format–Exam ID: 431–without any other accompanying text.  You will get an auto-response if your submission was successful.

    [recaptcha size:compact]