#BigWaste is #BigBusiness, especially when we consider this globally. And like many traditional markets, it’s waiting to be disrupted by #TrashTech.

What is TrashTech? Like CleanTech, it’s an umbrella term that describes technology-based solutions in the waste & post-consumer space.

The great thing about introducing BigWaste firms to CleanApp is that everybody’s incentives are already closely aligned.  We all want: (1) less litter; (2) more diversion of trash away from landfills; (3) more recycling; (4) better asset tracking & more data-driven workflow processes; (5) greater savings on labor, fuel, and other inputs; (6) more automation & smarter AI-enabled solutions; (7) etc.

Right now, BigWaste is seeing a number of market entrants that are doing really exciting things. Firms like Atlanta-based Rubicon Global & Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems are leveraging CleanTech in ways that accomplish the goals above, and then some.  We applaud these & related efforts, and urge adoption of CleanApp protocols to harmonize, streamline & promote industry-wide adoption.

What does this mean concretely?  Take a look at the awesome potential in TrashTech that’s already deployed today:

It doesn’t matter what your background is, or degree of technical knowledge, but everyone should be excited by this video. Now take it up a notch & consider this BHS sorting system using #CleanApp AI-optimized data to greatly increase the sorting accuracy, diversion rates, downtimes &, hence, radically boosting revenues for waste operators.

More revenues = more BHS-like sorting systems = more landfill diversion.  Win, win, win.

And this is just with today’s tech. Consider what’s possible when we have Blockchain-enabled asset tracking with unique identifiers for practically every product that goes to market. We’re still far from that future, but we’re getting closer & closer every day.