To folks familiar with the CleanTech space, what immediately comes to mind is:

How is CleanApp different from #Litterati, #SeeClickFix & other #digital311 services?

Great question. The answer is all in scope. We genuinely love (& actively use) #Litterati and other trash reporting apps.  But the mere fact that we wrote apps in plural highlights the problem:

There are currently way too many trash reporting apps, which limits functionality (from the perspective of a mobile user).  This, in turn, brings down user adoption rates.

We also began our serious development work in 2013 with the goal of scripting a killer CleanApp that would be easy to use, and fun, and be gameified, and social-media integrated, and etc. etc. etc. But over the course of several years of active development work with some really smart global developers, it became clear to us that, to maximize effectiveness, any CleanApp or CleanApp-like service would need to leverage rapid advances in AI/ML to assist CleanApp reporters/responders in real-time.  This requires data storage & cloud computing that are available only to a select crew of BigTech players.  Here’s looking at you, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Samsung, … and, of course, your Chinese, Russian & other global competitors.

Furthermore, we look at trash reporting in a different way, from the standpoint of modern and future city dwellers, who are digital natives.  After a few years of some pretty serious behavioral economics & tech adoption analysis, it dawned on us that it didn’t matter how gameified or spiffy a standalone app was: it was virtually impossible to get to user rates in the billions if CleanApping added to people’s information overload.  We can, however, get billions of people CleanApping on a daily basis only if we made CleanApping as easy as humanly possible, while giving citizens substantial individual and community value in return for their CleanApp reports.

That’s where #GoogleCleanApp/#AlexaCleanApp/#SiriCleanApp came into being.  In one of those rare Eureka! moments, it all came together:

We will have billions of people CleanApping because CleanApp represents huge unrealized markets and revenue frontiers for BigTech.  It’s basically costs zero for BigTech firms to activate CleanApp reporting, while AI/data-mining/IoT/services upsides ($$$) are truly mind-boggling.

Right now, the various value propositions above are obvious and ripe for global scaling. But because GoogleBrain still doesn’t understand what we want when we ask it to CleanApp, we apparently still need to refine, elaborate & translate our disruptive ideas into BigTech-speak.

We’re up for that challenge & urge our fellow trash & hazard reporting tech disruptors to join us. This is an urgent need in light of our global environmental calamity.

The BigTech firm that gives users truly frictionless voice or gesture-activated CleanApp cmds is going to have billions of loyal users who’ll be CleanApping in the home, the workplace, the playgrounds, & on the road.  Mark our words.