@CleanApp, we believe that childrens’ playgrounds are sacred spaces. These are the places where our future generations learn to play together, share together, work together, and take care of a common resource (the playground) together. If one kid smears sticky juice on the slide, then none of the kids get to enjoy it.

These are basic life skills we learn & teach at playgrounds. Its where we teach our children about their relationship with others and with their environment.

And yet, with the proliferation of individually-wrapped food products and consumer packaging, it seems that today’s playgrounds are far more littered than they used to be.

It’s truly an awful feeling to go to a playground and see cigarette butts, razor sharp bottle lids, broken glass, and plastic wrappers all around.

Playgrounds as Sandboxes

CleanApp-ing playgrounds presents a unique set of challenges due to the varying cultural mores folks bring with them to the park.

We think playgrounds offer an ideal sandbox environment, every pun intended, in which to develop, refine, and scale CleanApp technology.  Playgrounds vividly represent the fine line between a tech utopia and a tech nightmare: we can all sense urgency that attaches to incident reports coming from playgrounds, but as we also know, any civictech response must also be tempered by the heightened privacy concerns concerning any sort of media presence on the playground.

These pragmatic considerations are precisely why we made our pivot away from solely developing technology, towards developing frameworks, processes, and standards for carrying out CleanApp operations on a global scale.

The bottom line is that everyone who visits playgrounds is affected by trash and little hazards that add totally unnecessary stress to what are already very stressful parenting obligations.

The responsibility for reporting trash/hazards falls on everybody at the playground, kids included.  It’s no longer acceptable to just grumble, look for another “cleaner playground,” or just wait and expect a city response.

That paradigm is challenged by the little device on the crown of your nose, in the palm of your hand, and wrapped around your wrist, giving you seamless connectivity to a world of different tech service providers.

Playground RoboVacs

Summoning a playground-specific Roomba to respond to high-quality parent-generated CleanApp reports is no longer the stuff of science fiction.  It’s tech that we’re deploying today & we kindly ask for your continued support.