There are lots of claims to the “oldest profession in the world” but we’re pretty sure that the hospitality sector pretty much started the “sharing economy” craze, ten thousand years ago, maybe more. Then, as now, hospitality venues (cavesurfing, restaurants, hotels, etc.) know that cleanliness is at the heart of a good customer experience. Clean rooms & common spaces = better brand impression. Clean spaces = better reviews. Better reviews drive more business.

Today’s tech makes it very easy for customers to leave negative reviews. Yelpers are notorious for snapping pics of dirty hotel rooms, overflowing trash bins, and other hazards both big & small. In response, hospitality operators often spend a ton of time trying to correct the online record.

Instead of being anxious about the next Yelp Elite reviewer, hospitality operators should encourage adoption of #CleanApp reporting. Telling customers to submit #CleanApp reports creates a shared-responsibility regime. The message to the customer is: we really want to fix the problem & if you tell us what the problem is, we’ll be able to do that more easily.

Over time, venues can advertise high response rates to #CleanApp reports. Independent review sites can also incorporate #CleanApp incident rates & response rates in their rankings. The big picture is this: If you’re a business that cares about keeping your customers happy, your customers will reciprocate.

Some illustrations:


There are lots of different use cases for #CleanApp deployment both within services like AirBnB & as a standalone data sharing protocol. Here are some starting premises everyone can agree on:

  1. Hosts want to keep tabs on their properties & want to know exactly where a problem area is from guests.
  2. Hosts may want to be able to send #CleanApp reports to themselves and/or to guests and/or to AirBnB and/or to third parties.
  3. Guests have many incentives to tell hosts about problem areas.
  4. Guests can be incentivized to even respond to some #CleanApp reports from, say, previous guests for a discount on a rate, or other incentives.

When one considers the possibility of linking with realtime/subscription-based third party cleaning services, the efficiency gains created by CleanApp become overwhelming. Among many other things, this allows “absentee landlords” to become more-engaged remote operators. Using only 2017 tech, you can already remotely control video feeds from RoboVacs, going from room to room to see problem areas or to check on pets or plants. Home automation rates will continue to spike through 2018-2020. This heightens the need for harmonized rational approach to guest/host interactions in every hospitality setting, not only in AirBnB.

Done right, #CleanApp opens a world of nextgen #sharing economy opportunities. For instance:

Previous Guest paid full rate for a room & leaves it in a normal condition, but with some tissues on the floor, and coffee spills on the counters. Host performs a virtual/remote #CleanAppScan. Next Guest can receive a negotiated discount on the full rate for ameliorating the host’s #CleanApp reports.

There are a lot of additional use cases and examples & we’re more than glad to share them. But we’d also love to hear yours. Let us know @CleanApp.


Disneyland, DisneyWorld, and the Disney brand, more generally, prides itself on a squeaky-clean family-friendly image. Over the years, Disney has invested millions in #CleanTech to make their parks cleaner & safer. At one point, there were even news reports of smart trash bins that automatically disappear into the subterranean staging areas for cleaning far away from guests. All of that is laudable. But it’s also clear that nothing beats a high-quality realtime user-generated #CleanApp report.

A parent who has a 4.5+ star #CleanApp “accuracy rating” who submits a #CleanApp report of an overflowing toilet or vomit or gum on a bench is probably going to submit a valuable realtime report to a theme park. Those reports are valuable. No amount of proactiveAI or randomized “smart QA” checking will ever match the inherent desire of a parent to create a safe & clean environment for their child, especially one they’re paying a small fortune to enjoy for a day.

Theme parks, cruise ships, museums & many other hospitality venues will gladly pay a small subscription fee for access to real-time data from #CleanApp reporters with a historical track record of honest & helpful reporting.

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