What does CleanApp[at]Google look like?

If you read our analysis on CleanApp@Amazon, the answer is simple: frictionless trash/hazard reporting that’s available to billions of Google’s mobile users in various native iOS environments.  Except when we talk about consumer-oriented products, Google has scale & market penetration that make the other BigTech players pale by comparison.

“Ok, Google, #CleanApp this trash…”

This should be plenty guidance for Android and/or Glass and/or Chrome and/or Waze and/or StreetView and/or GoogleMaps and so on — to do the following: (1) take a photo of whatever the user’s pointing at; (2) upload it to a central Google database for analysis & refinement; (3) make accessible to public/third parties for distribution to responsible or interested parties.

With more than 2 billion active monthly mobile users, Google’s reach and scale will allow concerned citizens to build first-ever truly global real-time trash and debris maps. This is as crucial for disaster recovery in places like Houston, Mumbai, Puerto Rico or Mexico City as it is for mass transit security in places like New York and Hong Kong. Remember the Boston Marathon tragedy, the recent London underground bombing? Now imagine all citizens have a simple reporting protocol, “Google, #CleanApp this sketchy bag.” You get the point. Now Google needs to get the point.

This isn’t a plea for some altruistic CSR or environmentalist move from Google; big G will be able to mine this data and the billions of real-time jargon-filled #CleanApp commands to strengthen its AI processes, to teach its big GoogleBrain, and to create entire new billion $$ cleantech market segments, just like it did with GoogleMaps, StreetView, Glass, and so on.

Once folks get used to #CleanApp-ing overflowing bins and everything else with Google and start seeing autonomous or human responders actually dealing with trash problems, these reporting habits will stay with people in airports, at work, and in their homes or Nests. When Google builds this functionality, and provides robust data protection so you can #CleanApp at home and outdoors without someone cracking your reporting files, people will adopt this tech in droves.

If Google misses this, it’ll be like missing social all over again. AAA competitors (Apple/Alibaba/Amazon/etc.) will eventually figure out that there’s a ton of cash in trash. We don’t care who wins this race; we just wants glass off our beaches, plastic off our food, and lead gone from water. Fastest way to get there right now is to leverage Google’s global reach.

From the naughty nineties mantra of “do no evil” to a responsible grown-up posture of “do massive good,” while doing ma$$ively well in entirely new clean ways, c’mon Google, change for the better with us.  Want to make this happen?  Click here.


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