CleanApp represents a global paradigm shift, made of two parts:

  1. away from thinking about “litter” as “trash” that’s impossible to fully gather on global scales,
  2. towards thinking about “trash” as an extremely valuable resource that can be cheaply tracked, aggregated & recycled.

For CleanApp Foundation, the paradigm shift isn’t merely necessary, or feasible, it’s a paradigm shift that is already in early implementation stages.

Advances in data processing, mobile computing, and robotics mean that humanity can finally solve a problem that has dogged us for 5,000+ years of so-called “civilized” life.

CleanApp is not just about being able to use an “app” to generate a CleanApp Report that can serve as a single data point.  CleanApp is the culmination of what is possible when data is used for good.

CleanApp this bin

CleanApp is proof that entirely new economic systems and modes of exchange can be formed around the micro-scale resources and micro-hazardous conditions we encounter every day as “litter” and as “cracks in the concrete.”  CleanApp is also proof that these new economic models work.

Who Wants CleanApp?

Any project as audacious as CleanApp needs continuous individual and institutional support.  Since 2013, we’ve been fortunate to receive support from these visionary firms and institutions that realize this core truth:

The problem CleanApp has set out to solve isn’t just a big problem. It’s a problem that’s so big that if we don’t solve it, there won’t be other problems to solve.

We owe our gratitude to these organizations and to every individual who believes in our joint mission and continues to support us:

NVIDIA Newsroom

FedEx Institute of Technology

If You Want CleanApp, Please Support CleanApp

If you would like to support the work of the nonprofit CleanApp Foundation, please consider making a financial donation, supporting our petition, providing technology support, and inviting us to deliver our message to your organization.

If your team is struggling because of an unexpected setback and you would like a shot in the arm, please contact us.  As developers tackling one of the world’s greatest unsolved problems, we know all about setbacks. Yet we also know that the only way any previously unsolved problem has ever been solved is through creativity, persistence, and vision. We would be honored to share our message with your crew.

Support Open-Source Trash/Hazard Reporting Standards

To support our work on the CleanApp open-source standard, we encourage donations. Our ETH wallet is:– You can also donate via PayPal. Your donation helps us support the development of open-source trash/hazard report/response standards for indoor and outdoor applications. Thank you for your support.