What’s CleanApp?

What’s CleanApp?

CleanApp™ is tech that allows anyone to submit trash/hazard reports anywhere globally, by tagging photos w/#CleanApp or using any other tech. But our goal is far bigger. We want to make CleanApp-ing into a verb, a practice, a daily habit.


cleanup [noun/verb]: (1) an act or instance of cleaning (e.g., “The children helped with the cleanup.”); (2) in colloquial usage, an exceptionally large profit (e.g., “The trader ‘cleanedup’ when she sold her stocks.”)


CleanApp [noun/verb; \ˈklēn-ˌəp\]: (1) an act or instance of cleaning using tech (“The children were #CleanApp-ing trash on their field trip to the Tesla Gigafactory.”); (2) in colloquial usage, using any form of tech to submit a trash/hazard report to a responsible party (“Chicago O’Hare just installed CleanAppBots that respond to passengers’ trash & hazard reports, how cool is that?”).

CleanApp 2020

By 2020, we want billions of people all over the world to CleanApp without even skipping a beat. Billions, really?

Yes, billions, and yes, really. Right now, we’re pursuing two projects that are going to expose our project to a truly global audience. First, we have partnered with World Cleanup Day, which will be held on September 15, 2018 — and which has the goal of involving 5% of the world’s population in cleanup activities that day. That’s 380,000,000 people, folks, and we’re doing everything possible to get the message to each of them, and then some. Second, we’re doing advocacy on a massive scale, nudging Google to activate CleanApp or CleanApp-like capabilities in Google’s various mobile OS environments. Google has 2 billion+ mobile customers and we know that an overwhelming majority of those folks hate hazardous trash & will gladly report it, if there’s an easy way to do that. So yeah, billions of people to teach @CleanApp. Welcome!

CleanApp Q&A

Let’s flesh this out with some Q&A:

  1. Why would people do trash reports, instead of just picking up the litter?
  2. What’s in it for the CleanApp-er?
  3. Why the heck would Google turn on CleanApp?
  4. Who’s behind CleanApp?

What’s The Problem?