In addition to our issued patent & pending continuation application covering various claims & embodiments of #CleanApp tech, we are actively developing related technologies.  We are at various stages of the patent prosecution pipeline on these claims, and if you are considering licensing our technology, we strongly encourage you to contact us.  We actively protect our IP portfolio under U.S. law, including these trademarks (CleanApp™; @CleanApp™; #CleanApp™;; CleanAppio™;™;™; CleanApps™; CleanApping™) & related trademarks, brands, & symbols.

Patent Licensing/Consulting:

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on patent licensing revenues to sustain our operations & growth.  We strongly encourage commercial actors in the CleanApp market (RoboVacs; incident reporting; AI/ML; hospitality; construction; risk mitigation; etc.) to contact us to learn about our private sector partners and licensing opportunities.

“In the public works construction context, ‘walk-throughs’ are crucial but very labor-consuming. Our CleanApp license wasn’t an additional cost, but gave us significant savings in terms of efficiency-gains & valuable partnerships with tech vendors we wouldn’t otherwise have known about.” -Mason J., Project Engineer

AppStore/GooglePlay Practice:

We instigate complaints against entities that infringe on our IP rights through Apple’s AppStore & Google’s GooglePlay dispute resolution mechanisms, with successful outcomes.  Please do not upload “CleanApps” to online stores that cover the U.S. market.

Copyright/CC Policy:

In light of our aforementioned IP practices & policies, we are very mindful of copyright challenges & tensions. We endeavor to use mostly our own in-house graphics, photos, & other copyrighted materials. However, we also support various open-source standards, including Creative Commons, and frequently use visual imagery which we in good faith believe is CC-licensed.  We also occasionally use otherwise-protected visuals & branded imagery in composite, satire, educational & other fair-use ways to showcase the lighter side of the global trash problem.  Referencing the “Great Garbage Avalanche of 2505” is one thing, but a GIF can often get the point across ten thousand times better.  As we are a nonprofit, our hope is that copyright holders understand our fair use rationale.

If, however, you find our use of your copyrighted material objectionable or impermissible, we respectfully ask that you notify us on our Contact Us form ASAP & we will remove the questionable use or otherwise work with you to attain a resolution.

“Gentles, do not reprehend. If you pardon, we will mend.” -William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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