About Us

CleanApp™ is a small nonprofit with a big patent urging BigTech & Crypto to enable trash/hazard reporting & response processes. We’re the “Wi-Fi & Bluetooth” at the intersection of the CleanTech & CivicTech fields.

Since 2013, we work on several discrete but interlinked goals:

(1) We develop harmonized global open-source standards for trash/hazard reporting across a wide range of OS environments, from consumer-oriented Android/iOS, to enterprise-grade Windows apps, to various emerging smarthome/smartcar/smartcity protocols;

(2) We urge BigTech industry participation by teaching key players that enabling trash/hazard-reporting in various OS-environments is very lucrative & socially responsible;

(3) We practice & license our intellectual property to firms, orgs, and researchers working on the leading edge of #CleanTech;

(4) We devise novel legal forms, legal norms & impact litigation strategies for CleanTech/AI/ML/IoT & provide consulting to firms/policymakers on these matters;

(5) We develop & incubate active research projects (alongside industry-leading partners like the FedEx Institute of Technology) into AI/ML, IoT, VR/AR, Blockchain & wearables/implantables;

(6) With good ol’ fashioned elbow grease, we take part in & organize community cleanups.

DUNS #: 116915788 (Contact Us)