CleanApp Whitepaper: Backstory

CleanApp Whitepaper: Backstory

For the past year, we’ve been hard at work on the CleanApp Whitepaper. It is finally published, and we invite you to download it and to engage with it at your leisure. We are available to answer any questions you may have about all or part of it. Feel free to reach us here.

Because CleanApp sits at the intersection of a different fields, it connects many different communities–putting environmentalists, academics and policymakers into conversation with different tech communities, including CleanTech/CivicTech/BigTech, and most recently, BlockTech.

What’s a Whitepaper?

Because many CleanAppers may not be coming from tech backgrounds, it may be useful to explain what a “Whitepaper” even is.

In tech parlance, a Whitepaper is any article (no matter what it’s called) that serves as “proof-of-concept” of a particular technology.

  • A Whitepaper usually outlines the core problem that this technology will solve, followed by a detailed analysis of how the proposed technology solves the problem, and lastly, anticipating any technical, social, legal or other obstacles to the successful implementation of the project.
  • A Yellowpaper usually follows the Whitepaper. A Yellowpaper is typically thought of as “proof-of-work” in a narrative or descriptive genre.  A Yellowpaper is typically more technically rigorous than a Whitepaper, and serves as a blueprint for reproducibility purposes, or to explain the mechanics or methods of a particular technology or process.

What’s in a Name?

In our case, we thought of different names for this Whitepaper, including: (1) CleanApp: a Transaction-Based Approach to Incident Reporting, (2) CleanApp 2.0 (2018), to contrast it with our first embodiments in 2013, and lastly, (3) CleanApp Transactional Logics.

In the end, we agreed on CleanApp Whitepaper (2018) because our goal is to reach as broad an audience as possible, including, crucially, within various tech communities.

If a Whitepaper is what our core audiences expect to see, then a CleanApp Whitepaper is what we will deliver.

Our supporting documentation, including Draft Standards and Draft Rules documentation, is already undergoing peer-review.  We anticipate publication of these documents by the end of 2018, along with a potential publication of a proof-of-work CleanApp Yellowpaper.

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Who is CleanApp?

A word must also be said about authorship.

Since the start of our journey, we wanted to replicate the success of projects like Bitcoin itself, letting the ideas of incentivized incident report-response data markets speak for themeslves.

Because the material gains from adopting CleanApp processes were so obvious to us, we believed the idea would spread like wildfire within the BigTech, CryptoTech, Retail, CivicTech and environmental communities.

We still believe our idea is one of the most contagious and compelling growth stories in all of tech.  The only difference now is that we want to give it a nudge and share it with a broader audience.

As we have written elsewhere, we avoid traditional forms of PR for many reasons.

  1. First, we still want the idea to rise or fall on its own merits, without being associated with anyone or anything.
  2. Second, we still need to maximize our chances of success on several stealth IP strategies and pipelines, and publication may impact patentability.
  3. Third, we want to focus our limited resources on R&D and outreach.
  4. Fourth, our pivot to establishing a standard-setting organization over the CleanApp space requires us to maintain the utmost neutrality and impartiality vis-a-vis existing players in the CleanApp space (Appendix A of the CleanApp Whitepaper). This includes keeping personality ‘politics’ out of the picture as much as possible.

This is why we struggled with the authorship question in the closing pre-publication weeks and days.  The CleanApp Whitepaper is the product of a quintessentially collaborative workflow between our core development team. The effort was chaired by our founder, so attributing authorship to him seemed commensurate with the amount of effort the team expended.

CleanApp’s Debut

In the end, we decided a more public stance reflects our changing tactical needs.

Whereas before, the biggest obstacle to CleanApp’s success might have been technological, the biggest barriers today appear to be contractual, regulatory, and legal. In these looming contractual and regulatory contests, our cross-border & institutional legal bona fides will be more important than ever.

Attachment-1 (1).jpeg

We learned many lessons in the past five years. One of the biggest lessons is that in today’s congested ether, our big idea needs allies and advocates. 

This is why we are coming out of the developmental shadows. This is why we are promoting our big idea more vocally.  If this is what we must do to reach you in order to convince you of our good faith, our capacity, and our vision, then this is what we will do.

In the end, the most important member of the CleanApp development team isn’t our founder or some mysterious “Blockchain guru”–it’s you!

CleanApp will not happen if you do not help make it happen.

Become a CleanApp Backer

We understand that in today’s climate, everyone has to be incentivized to take part in different projects. If our commitment to mapping and eliminating every piece of litter, plastic, and micro-hazard from the world–on an ongoing basis–isn’t enough of an incentive, we will also be starting a Bounty program.

In addition, we are also developing several smart contract vehicles for incentivizing institutional support from the tech development & environmental stewardship communities.  We’re putting our names and our IP portfolio on the line in order to convince you that becoming an early backer now will pay handsome material and intangible gains in the not too distant future.

Please contact us to become a backer.