“Siri, CleanApp.”

“Siri, CleanApp.”

“Siri, CleanApp.” -iOS user

This may seem pointless to some people, but we know that iOS users who tell Siri to CleanApp actually have a clear command in mind.  That command is asking iOS/Siri to: (1) snap a photo; (2) tag its location; (3) send the CleanApp report to a database for distribution to a responsible party. Not so pointless after all.

In our analysis, “Siri, CleanApp” is one of the easiest ways to activate a CleanApp report. Please keep in mind that the easier it is to generate CleanApp reports, the more likely people are to actually do them. Our goal at CleanApp is to make trash/hazard reporting as easy as possible, and we think that with the help of digital assistants like Siri, we can make CleanApp-ing pretty darn easy.

This is a win for Apple, a win for the user, & a win for the locality from which the CleanApp report is being generated, whether it’s the living room, the local supermarket, or a park playground.

If you’re wondering who in the world would send CleanApp reports voluntarily, you don’t need to look far. Just take a quick glance at the people who are #CleanApp-ing currently, whether they know it or not.

So, dearest Siri, please start processing what this command means. Your competition is getting the same message & first-mover advantage still reigns. The firm that launches the first functional global frictionless trash/hazard reporting service will get billions of loyal users, cementing its place as an IoT, SmartHome, SmartCity, CivicTech, CleanTech pioneer.  Trillion dollar 21st century markets are on the line, and Siri/Apple would be well advised to heed this call.

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